Privacy Policy

This policy sets out how InstaGIS aims to protect and maintain any information that you enter when you use our website

We are committed with the privacy of your data, and whatever data you entrust to us will remain indefinitely undisclosed to unauthorized third parties

What will we share/undisclose

When you sign up for an InstaGIS account we will collect
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number

That information will be kept for our own with the sole purpose
of contacting you to offer our help during your trial period. We will never sell or trade that information with any unauthorized third parties

When you connect your InstaGIS account with a third party API we will disclose
  • Your email address or login identificator

and we will collect

  • The authorization token that the API provides in return

The stored authorization token will be used solely to authenticate you, as an acting user of InstaGIS, against said API, and will never be used to impersonate you or send communications in your behalf.

When you share a map or a dataset we will disclose
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • The shared item

With your desired counterpart (the person you are sharing your item with)

When you share a map or a dataset within your organization
  • The shared item

With every member of the organization

When you add a new user to your organization he or she will gain access to
  • any items shared at the organization level
When you upload a new dataset to InstaGIS we will collect
  • Your email address, as the owner of the uploaded material

We will not share or undisclose your uploaded contents with unauthorized third parties

We assume that any information about customers, points of sale or whatever information contained in the datasets you upload is your own or you do have authorization to upload it to.

Whatever use you want to give to the uploaded information, be it the generation of reports, email campaigns, advertising campaigns, etc, is your sole responsibility and InstaGIS holds no participation over that use whatsoever.